Who is iDataConsultant ?

iDataConsultant is one of the leading business contacts information provider in North America. We help organizations in customer acquisition and retention activities through high-quality marketing datasets. Our mission is to be the strategic & trusted database partner for small businesses to large organizations. For more information about our services, please visit our “about us” page.

Where do you get the data from?

Big Data Mining: We process millions of company websites and contacts to discover the exact prospects for your needs.

Contextual Intelligence: We blend in “context” in our data mining software to build intelligence for discovery the correct data for your needs.

Human Curation: Our human curation is rigorous & scalable to process large datasets for weeding out false positives.

Pre-AI Software: We constantly improve our software with state-of-the-art technologies to create unparalleled accuracy.

How can I increase response from email campaigns?

Recipients are interested to read relevant, interesting and informative content. Marketing to the right customer segment will increase the response rates and enhance conversion. Send emails in HMTL and only-text emails and be aware of Anti-spam regulation applicable to each State and Country.

What is the delivery rate of business-to-business mailing?

We recommend that you use the list within 30 days of the receipt. With fresh list, you'll achieve high delivery rates. We expect delivery rate of over 92% or better.

How soon can I expect results from my email marketing?

Compared to other channels, email is fast and time-saving. Email marketing generates immediate results within hours of sending to your subscribers.

Can you add value to my existing list?

Yes, we offer multiple list appending, list cleansing and list hygiene services. Our full range of data services can append the most relevant business data to your file.

How much do your mailing lists cost?

Our pricing is based on volume and the level of validation you want us to perform on the contact database you acquire from us.

For example- all email verified contacts that come with 100% email deliverability but only 85% contact accuracy will be anywhere between $0.75/contact to $0.20/contact depending on the volume. The reason you see 85% contact accuracy is because we only validate the deliverability of emails and a lot of the times the email is valid and deliverable but the contact is not in the company anymore. Its someone else looking into his inbox but the email is valid. Email verified lists are great for email marketing and telemarketing campaigns

If you are planning for multi-channel marketing campaigns including directmail, telephone and email marketing- your best bet will be televerified contacts. We phone validate every single contact before we deliver out to you. We guarantee you a 100% email deliverability and 100% contact accuracy on all contact info we provide. Cost per contact for phone verified records will be anywhere between $2/contact to $1.25/contact depending on the volume.